New photos posted on facebook!

11:56 am, Mar 28 2015

New photos posted on facebook!

11:54 am, Mar 28 2015

All mushers arrived in last night!!!

11:11 am, Mar 28 2015

Vet Talk happening in the checkpoint at noon. Open to the Public. Come hear our awesome vets give helpful tips to keep your canine healthy and happy. Coffee is on!

11:07 am, Mar 28 2015

Just four more mushers to arrive in the 2015 Percy! Thanks to the dedicated vets and officials keeping the lights on in the checkpoint to welcome them in. Finish times will be posted at as they come in.

12:17 am, Mar 28 2015

New photos posted on facebook!

7:12 pm, Mar 27 2015

Krys March, our Junior competitor, arrives to Dawson at 18:20 with her handsome husky team. Congrats to you Krys and your pooches!

6:48 pm, Mar 27 2015

Gaetan Pierrard and his pups arrived in fifth place at 18:03. His pups enjoyed a yummy snack of salmon on the finish line - made the rest of us hungry too! Congrats Gaetan!

6:47 pm, Mar 27 2015

Nathaniel Hamlyn arrives to Dawson at 17:45. He sits in fourth place shortly behind Jason Biasetti. Way to go Nathaniel in your run!

6:45 pm, Mar 27 2015

In third place, coming in at 17:20 is Jason Biasetti! Congrats to you Jason and your pups!

6:44 pm, Mar 27 2015
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