Join us for the 2015 Percy DeWolfe on March 26, 2015!
12:17 am, Sep 28 2014
and hot on his heels is William Kleedehn!! What a great finish!!
1:20 pm, Mar 28 2014
Crispin Studer has arrived in Dawson!! Congratulations Crispin! Official times to follow.
1:15 pm, Mar 28 2014
Raija Esterbrook, the only skijorer brave enough for the 2014 Percy Jr will be arriving in the next 15 min or so! Come and cheer her on!
12:30 pm, Mar 28 2014
Nathaniel Hamlyn, the final Junior musher, arrived at 11:07!
12:10 pm, Mar 28 2014
We have the first 3 Percy Jr teams in! The 2014 winner is Gaetan Pierrard who crossed the finish line at 8:48am! Congratulations Gaetan! Second place goes to Rob Wilmshurst with a very enthusiastic arrival at 9:14am. Melissa Schenke takes third place and crossed the finish line at 9:56
12:09 pm, Mar 28 2014
Sorry folks - our system is not set up to track the Percy Junior mushers and Skijorers this year, but you can check out their progress here: Spot tracking
5:54 pm, Mar 27 2014
Check out our live race tracking for the main Percy race.
3:04 pm, Mar 27 2014
Tag your Percy photos and feedback on Twitter (@percydewolfe) or Facebook #thepercy2014 #percydewolfe
3:01 pm, Mar 27 2014
The next musher on the list for the Percy Junior is Rob Wilmshurst of Hastings, Ontario. Rob is running his son, Brian Wilmshurst's B-Team. He ran his first race in Dawson two weeks ago - the Sunnydale Classic.
8:12 pm, Mar 26 2014